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Organisations need innovation but they don’t always have the correct transformation model to drive it.
Use Neuvos.io to stay ahead of the competition.

A Transformation Model

Road Map

Cultivating a culture of learning, awareness, and feedback to transform your business to become better, smarter, and faster.

Keeping Up With Digital Demands By Using Agile Methods Is The Basis Of the Neuvos.io Transformation Model.

Neuvos.io was established with a clear vision of how technology can transform businesses. Neuvo.io is a global player in the Infor space, with a focus on EAM, HCM, Health/Clinic, and WMS solutions.

Our transformation model is a comprehensive platform that delivers all the necessary tools while marrying our unmatched experience in delivering solutions to support every core business function. Our portfolio covers all major industries. Neuvos.io employs results-driven people to provide a world-class experience.

Our Vision

To become the leading Technology Services provider in Cloud Computing, Infor, and advisory solutions that clients can count on to stay ahead of the technology curve. Neuvo.io has real-world experience across a broad spectrum of industries and utilise that knowledge to solve real-world problems.

No business deserves to be left behind.

Transformations are all about change. Neuvos.io transformation model ensures successful transformation and digitisation across the board – leaving no one behind.

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Key Benefit


Our world-class implementation enables businesses to leverage Infor as a foundation for growth with custom business processes built by first developing a deep understanding of the client’s business.


With an extensive and dedicated team of Infor Consultants. We have certified consultants with extensive experience. The Neuvos.io global services team ensures a solid understanding of local markets and different cultures. It provides multilingual support to you on a local level for a fast, flexible response to your needs.



Our global services team is adept at helping clients manage change across complex, multilingual, multicultural international organisations, and diverse industries. Neuvos.io brings the best of the Neuvos.io team to deploy lean Infor transformations globally..


Neuvos.io global services team approaches customers with the knowledge of the unique challenges facing businesses in their industry. From there, we address the crucial issues to a customers’ business, such as driving productivity and efficiency across the business, reducing costs, supporting mobility, or transitioning to the cloud.